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Chicks Suit You
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Below are the 6 most recent journal entries recorded in Chicks Suit You - girls in suits and ties!'s LiveJournal:

Thursday, October 25th, 2007
12:42 am

Evangeline Lilly. Klik voor de hele grote.

Zo zie je er nooit, en zo twee op een dag :)
12:07 am

Keira Knightley & Joe Wright
Klik op de foto voor de bigass versie.

Sunday, February 6th, 2005
1:47 am
Angelina Jolie
Thanks yet again to kees_s: Angelina Jolie at last years Oscars in a suit ;)

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1:35 am
Ellen Muth
Another one, thanks to kees_s... a picture of "Dead Like Me" star Ellen Muth. It is a suit ;)

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1:32 am
Ellen ten Damme
kees_s sent me the following pic of Ellen ten Damme (dutch pop... er, celebrity).

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1:21 am
Welcome to Chicks Suit You, the livejournal community where you can post pictures of.. girls in suits! Share your own photo's or link us to pics of others. No spamming, no erotica, just.. pics of girls in suits. With or without ties. ;) Please post any pictures you may have beneath a livejournal cut.

I'll start by posting two pictures of myself in business suit that I made this morning ;)

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